Saturday, 29 June 2013

Smart Geometry

Just a quick (and tardy) post showing some output from the Volatile Territories cluster at Smart Geometry 2013. Below is a look at the multi-agent space adjacency software sorting out a (much simplified) brief for a mixed-use high rise. Agents were restricted to a predefined building envelope with the core, front lobby, and roof garden being fixed from the get go.

In cases where the brief becomes sufficiently complex like the one above real-time user interaction starts to play a key role in getting the system to settle properly. By temporarily reducing the floor area that each programmatic element is trying to occupy, agents contract providing the necessary wiggle room for less satisfied members of the population to explore other neighborhoods. Hopefully I'll be able to integrate this conditional contraction into the agent behavior itself with a bit more tinkering.

Also I'm happy to say we were able to 3d print with all the colours of the wind. Hats off to the Bartlett. Have a look below.

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