Sunday, 24 April 2011

Self Organizing Cont.

Heres another video that better illustrates the multiple behaviors in action.

To unpack it a bit, each stick is composed of 3 particles, one in the middle and two on either end. Two springs span from either end to the middle and a third spring spans from end to end to provide some bending resistance. The middle particles are all involved in medium range, medium strength separative forces (grey circles) and slightly longer range, low strength cohesive forces (invisible). At the same time the end particles are trying to converge through small range, high strength cohesive forces (magenta circles).

Platforms: C#, Grasshopper, Rhino

Self Organizing

In an effort to organize my life, I've been building up a class library based on some of the more recent agent / physics based work. I'm mainly interested in making the different behaviors more modular to better handle a variety of them interacting within the same simulation.

The self organizing hexes above use multiple scales of agent based behavior for overall cohesion and vertex convergence while springs do their best to preserve the geometry.

For now the class library is more of a growing personal tool set. In its current state it's pretty cryptic. If there's general interest though, I wouldn't be opposed to making it available after some more time in the oven.

Platforms: C#, Grasshopper, Rhino