Sunday, 12 February 2012

Phero Print

In continuing to look at the idea of chemotaxis among agent populations, I added a third dimension to the pheromone based simulation from earlier. Taking a similar approach, two populations of agents compete for space in a finite volume. Each population attempts to drag the pheromone concentration towards a desired level to which it is also attracted. Eventually the populations negotiate respective territories producing similar results to some previous space partitioning studies. Below is a 3d print of isosurfaces extracted from the resulting pheromone cloud. 

Also, on a related note, here's a look at the surfacing in action on a different pheromone cloud.

Platforms: Processing, C#, Grasshopper, Rhino


  1. hello Dave, hope that this is not going to be the a second same comment, I got an error when I've tried to publish the first one.
    I really love the script that you've develop, currently I'm working also on something similar using stigmergy agents, and I was wondering if you can share the code from this post and the one MouldyNetworks, I will really appreciate.
    this is my email
    once again really love this script!

  2. Take a look at "Characteristics of pattern formation and evolution in approximations of Physarum transport networks" by Jeff Jones. It covers the implementation of a chemotiaxis based multi-agent in a good amount of detail.

    Here's a link to the paper.

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