Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Bifur Moire

Lately, apart from not posting enough, I've been experimenting with automata based scalar fields. Hopefully they'll play into the development of environmental vector fields within the agent/physics class library when I get a bit more time. For now though, I've been tinkering with them in isolation. Here's a quick processing sketch of some of the more interesting results. 

What's going on above is a diffusion driven bifurcation. From a random starting value between 0 and 1, each cell iteratively adds the average delta between itself and each of its neighbours. The two distinct regions are produced by dragging each value towards 0 or 1 depending on its relationship to a set bifurcation value, in this case 0.5. To visualize how values are being exchanged, the field is contoured, producing moire patterning in steep regions.

Platforms: Processing

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